The Team

KevinSprague0067M Kevin Sprague is a multi-talented creative professional. He has been the owner and Creative Director of Studio Two in Lenox and Miami for the past 18 years. The Agency is a unique intersection of the creative side of photography, design and marketing and the analytic side of statistics, performance and results. As a photographer, Kevin’s career has been shaped by the demands of a diverse clientele. His work for theaters in the NorthEast is recognized for innovation and creativity. One of the first shooters in the business to move immediately to digital imaging in 1999, Kevin has helped transform the role of photography in theatrical marketing and PR. His book “Imagining Shakespeare” was published in 2008 and chronicles 15 years of creating innovative images for Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA.

As a wedding photographer Kevin has always embraced the experiential aesthetic – living the wedding intimately. His wedding clients have always selected Kevin based on his reputation for quiet, confident expertise. An early proponent of the self-publishing revolution, Kevin’s albums for weddings are typically rich, 100+ page coffee-table experiences incorporating 100’s of images – to the delight of the Bride and Groom and their families.

Kevin’s extensive experience shooting under mixed conditions has made him an expert at lighting – including innovative 1-strobe techniques, multi-strobe lighting for spaces and venues, off-camera triggering, incorporating hot-lights and ambient lighting, and special effects (in a hurry and on a budget!)

Kevin and Tricia have collaborated for a number of years. Kevin currently splits his time between the Berkshires and Miami. For more information visit

Tricia_McCormackTricia McCormack – As owner of her own Wedding Photography business, Tricia was recently dubbed the “Wedding Whisperer” by one of her brides for keeping everything light-hearted and in control on her wedding day.

Before becoming the owner of Tricia McCormack Photography, Tricia lived and worked in Boston and New York for 9 years as a Corporate Trainer for With a strong interest in photography, she took a weekend job in a photography studio and was taking photography classes in Cambridge, MA.  In 2004, she took her first shooting assignment for a wedding and was instantly hooked. She set her sights on becoming a wedding photography business owner.

Tricia moved back to the Berkshires in 2004 and began enlisting in various photography education classes and workshops all over the country. She assisted other photographers whenever she could get the opportunity and actively networked with local and nearby urban photographers. While continuing her corporate job and starting a family, piece by piece she built the beginnings of her business.

In 2009, Tricia booked her first wedding as the primary photographer. This spiraled into more bookings, more business until she left her corporate job of 14 years to go full time as a photographer. Tricia has shot 30 weddings within the last year and the momentum isn’t stopping.

Tricia currently lives in the Berkshires with her husband and 2 boys. Visit Tricia’s website here.